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Senator Jim DeMint supports Speaker Harrell and the SC House Republican Caucus’s “Drive For 75”

Dear Friends,

As November 2nd draws near, your SC House Republican Caucus has moved into high gear getting our Conservative Reform message out to the Voters.

Just last week, we announced our “Drive For 75” Election goal and unveiled our Legislative Reform Agenda for the election (click here to see our Reform Agenda).  With your help, we will achieve our Drive For 75 goal of electing our largest-ever conservative majority in the SC House of Representatives, and we are honored to have the support of the our own leader of national conservative reform, Senator Jim DeMint:

“Every day in Washington, it’s a battle to cut taxes and spending…often times putting me at odds even with those in my own party.  So when I look home to South Carolina, I am encouraged by the common sense conservative commitment of House Speaker Bobby Harrell and the SC House Republican Caucus in their work to pass greater transparency in voting, over $20 billion in tax cuts and limit government growth,” stated Senator Jim DeMint.

“This November, we are going to bring conservative change to Washington.  Let’s also make sure we keep conservative reform going in South Carolina and support Speaker Harrell and the SC House Republican Caucus’s “Drive For 75″ to elect the largest-ever Republican majority to the State House.”

This Election Day the stakes are high and our SC House conservatives are on the front line of defense at home against an ever-encroaching federal government.  We’re honored to work with Senator Jim DeMint as we rally for reform in this Election on November 2nd and beyond in the State House this legislative session.


Bobby Harrell
SC House of Representatives