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The Smart Choice for Lt. Governor

This week we watched the Lt. Governor candidates debate and the differences could not have been more clear. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Ken Ard

  • Proven business leader with extensive experience in budgeting for the future
  • Renowned for rolling up his sleeves and working harder than anyone else
  • Served on the County Council and voted to decrease taxes every time the matter came up
  • Ken is ready to get serious about tort reform and recognizes the urgency to tighten our state’s budget

The Liberal Choice: Ashley Cooper

  • Loves to point fingers and blame others
  • Lacks the business experience necessary to handle our state’s budget and plan for the future
  • Wants to keep the status quo and believes in liberal ideals
  • Served under a Democrat Senator in Washington and is looking to employ his “progressive” values in South Carolina

In order to balance our state’s budget and create jobs, we need someone with the needed business experience and knowledge to serve as our next Lt. Governor. We cannot afford to elect someone who merely says they will do a good job- we need to invest in a candidate with a proven background in handling tough financial situations.

Click here now to help us make conservative candidate Ken Ard our next Lt. Governor!