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The Right Choice for State Superintendent

With our state’s educational system in trouble, it is critical that we elect a State Superintendent who has a proven track record for fiscal responsibility. Here are your two options…

The Conservative Choice: Mick Zais

While Mick served as the President of Newberry College…

  • The enrollment grew by 70% and the endowment nearly doubled
  • Mick streamlined, reduced and consolidated administration to free up resources to be directed to the classroom.
  • New facilities were constructed and new academic programs such as nursing were added
  • For each of the past three years, U.S. News and World Report named Newberry College as one of “America’s Best Colleges”
The Liberal Choice: Frank Holleman

While Frank served as Chief-of-Staff and Deputy Secretary for
the Department of Education, the agency…

  • Mismanaged $450 million in taxpayer money
  • Had six government employees plead guilty to stealing taxpayer money
  • Allowed agency employees to embezzle $1.9 million
  • Failed financial audits three years in a row
Clearly, we see what happens when liberals get in power. They spend all the available funds, rack up costs, and spend again. Frank Holleman’s past shows the same pattern we have seen from the liberal establishment. However, Mick Zais has a proven record of financial responsibility and conservative values.

Click here now to help us make conservative candidate Mick Zais our next State Superintendent!