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Aiken Standard Endorses Joe

Wilson’s record speaks louder than his two words

Two words have hung around Joe Wilson’s neck for long enough.

The infamous “You lie!” outburst became a rallying point last year for Democrats, who dumped millions into the coffers of his opponent, Rob Miller. Granted, it also rallied his base, and turned what would have most likely been a run-of-the-mill Congressional race into a flashy sprint for nationwide funds.

And that’s really not who Joe Wilson is.

During his tenure, Wilson has been consistent in his voting, maintaining a record well respected by his conservative base. He has been a low-key representative who has served the area well. In fact, many in his district, admittedly, were not that familiar with him until the “Shout Heard ‘Round the World.” And oftentimes, our most effective leaders are the ones we don’t hear about. It’s easy to get attention when you are blustering or bumbling. We often take for granted those who work without a bright spotlight constantly on them.

Had Joe Wilson not had that spotlight cast upon him, his re-election would most likely be a foregone conclusion. But with the spotlight firmly on him, it’s time move it to where it belongs.

It no longer belongs on a knee-jerk reaction. It belongs on a body of service and commitment to his position.

For that reason, we endorse Rep. Joe Wilson in his bid for re-election.

Courtesy: Aiken Standard