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A Clean Sweep

Last night, the South Carolina Republican Party swept every single constitutional office in the state. From the Governor’s office to State House districts, we have conservative leaders who will work tirelessly to turn this state around.

However, even though last night was an exciting victory for conservative values, we know that the work is far from over. We must make good on every promise made and every stance taken.

There are so many issues that need to be addressed immediately, with the greatest concern being our economy. We need to begin working to create jobs right now and get government out of the way to help small businesses grow. Struggling families all across South Carolina are looking at us to solve this enormous problem, and we are confidently up to the challenge.

The time to mobilize our ideals is here. You have given us your faith and trust to get the job done, and we are more excited and energized than ever before to get to work!

To view the full election results, please click here.


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman