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SCGOP Chairman responds to attacks on Senator Graham

Columbia, SC – January 22, 2011 – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd today released the following statement in response to an out-of-state liberal advocacy group’s new attack ad targeting Sen. Lindsey Graham:

“As a conservative, you know you’re on the right track when liberal special-interest groups in Washington attack you. Senator Graham is right to look at all options and to propose bold solutions to the tough problems facing our nation,” Floyd said.

“Thanks to President Obama and the waning Democratic regime, spending is out of control and our national debt is nearly $14 trillion. The American people sent a clear message in November that we must stop the fiscal train wreck that is coming. Entitlement programs make up nearly sixty percent of the federal budget, so they are the elephant in the room that can’t be ignored any longer. I applaud Senator Graham for working to put Social Security on the path to solvency, and our nation on a fiscally sustainable path.”