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SCGOP takes to Charleston Airwaves: Republicans say “Let the Voters Decide”


CHARLESTON – Today, the South Carolina Republican Party called for an end to South Carolina Democrats’ frivolous lawsuits and has even gone so far as to purchase radio time to make sure the call is heard.

With live reads today on Charleston’s WQSC from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., listeners will hear firebrand Rocky D call for voters to decide elections instead of judges.

Charleston trial lawyer Paul Tinkler lost his bid for the Senate District 41 seat in the July special election won by Republican Walter Hundley, but Tinkler will again be the Democrat’s candidate on the ballot in November. Hundley did not initially file for the November election, and his petition to be on the ballot was denied. Tinkler and his allies in the Democrat Party are attempting to keep the field clear from Republican candidates.

“Unfortunately, Paul Tinkler doesn’t want voters to have choices in State Senate District 41. He thinks he can keep suing until he has no more opponents. Voters already rejected Paul Tinkler once, and he’s scared he’ll be rejected AGAIN,” listeners will hear Rocky say.

Then they’ll hear him urge listeners to, “Call Paul Tinkler at 843-853-5203, and tell him to stop the lawsuits and allow voters, not judges, to choose their next Senator from District 41.”

SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly said, “All we’re asking for is for freedom and fairness, and this election cycle has shown how important it is for us as South Carolinians to fight for both. The courts are only involved when the Democrats cry foul, and so far the courts are finding that it’s really more of Democrats crying wolf.”

The Senate 41 seat was held formerly by Glenn McConnell, who became South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor following the resignation of Ken Ard earlier this year.

A Republican, McConnell had held the Senate 41 seat since 1981.