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SCGOP Chairman congratulates Kirkman Finlay, calls for independent investigation in Richland County

Contact: Matt Moore, Executive Director

Columbia, S.C. – SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly issued a statement this evening following the news that Kirkman Finlay has won the House District 75 general election in Richland County.

“First, I’d like to congratulate Kirkman Finlay for a hard-fought victory. He’ll be a strong, fiscally conservative voice for Richland County in the South Carolina House.

“Second, the voting problems in Richland County are absolutely unacceptable. Voters should not have to stand in line for three or more hours, or wait until 2AM, to cast their ballots. And it has taken all day TODAY – 24 hours after the polls closed – to tally votes.

“I am calling for an immediate, outside investigation into the debacle at the Richland County Election Commission. Voters of every political stripe deserve better from their government.”