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SCGOP Chairman asks “Will Vince Sheheen stand in the way of ethics reform?”


Columbia, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly today issued a statement on the Ethics Reform proposal passed this week by the S.C. House of Representatives and sent to the S.C. Senate:

“Earlier this week, the House of Representatives passed the most sweeping changes to South Carolina’s ethics laws in 20 years and today the Republican leadership in the Senate made it very clear that they intend to pass the bill before the end of session. South Carolina is on the verge of becoming one of the most ethical and transparent states in the nation, and the only question remaining is will Vince Sheheen and his Democrat colleagues push this bill across the finish line, or will they stand in the way?

“These changes are too important to the people of this state to delay any longer. Senator Sheheen, the unquestioned leader of his Party, should focus his time and energy the remainder of this session to ensure that every South Carolinian gets the open and honest government we deserve.”