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What you won’t read in your local paper or see on TV…

Fellow Republican,

Chances are your local TV station or newspaper never reported that Vince Sheheen kicked off his gubernatorial campaign at abortion activist Robert Key’s home…

Chances are your local TV station or newspaper never reported that Vince Sheheen has quadrupled his income (to nearly $400,000 per year) since becoming a State Legislator…

And it’s probably safe to assume your local TV station or newspaper will not report that Vince Sheheen is jetting up to Manhattan this week to raise big-time special interest cash to help his struggling campaign.

But we’re happy to let you know. Join me in highlighting Vince Sheheen’s continual pattern of hypocrisy by forwarding this email to your friends and family.

Will you also consider contributing $5, $10 or $25 to our efforts? Every penny will be used to help tell South Carolinians the truth about Vince Sheheen.

Thank you in advance,
Matt Moore
SCGOP Chairman
Begin forwarded message:
From: Rob Godfrey
Date: October 16, 2013

Subject: NYC special interest liberals organize latest Sheheen campaign event

NYC special interest liberals organize latest Sheheen campaign event

After a kickoff event with abortion activist and same-sex marriage rally, Sheheen heads to Manhattan
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Liberal career politician Vince Sheheen’s latest campaign for governor has taken the senator to the home of an abortion activist, who hosted a Democrat kickoff event last month, and more recently to a rally promoting same-sex marriage in South Carolina, where Sheheen made an unannounced, secret appearance.Now, Sheheen, who has called for ObamaCare expansion, is scheduled to collect thousands of dollars from liberal out-of-state special interest backers of President Obama and the Obama-Sheheen health care takeover during a Manhattan fundraiser on Thursday.
According to a fundraising invitation, a top aide to Eliot Spitzer well known for bundling checks for liberal causes, organized the event for Sheheen. Anyone interested in attending the event can RSVP to top Spitzer aide Kristie Stiles. Spitzer, like Sheheen, is an ObamaCare advocate. The former New York governor has opposed South Carolina’s effort to fight ObamaCare, calling it “without merit” and saying it “makes no sense.” (Slate, 3/30/2010)

“This New York City fundraiser for Vince with key Obama allies is happening at the same time that South Carolina small businesses and families are struggling with ObamaCare, which Vince has championed,” said Haley for Governor spokesman Rob Godfrey.

Two weeks after the Obama-Sheheen health care takeover was launched amid what one local news report called “delays, error messages and other glitches,” local editorial writers slammed it as “full of flaws that are going to have unintended consequences on consumers, employers and the health insurance market.” (Greenville News, 10/1/2013; Greenville News, 10/4/2013)

And one Charleston-area consumer called ObamaCare’s rollout “a comedy of errors” in the Post and Courier, while a Myrtle Beach area resident told The Sun News, “I’m not optimistic…I probably won’t try again.” (The Post and Courier, 10/8/2013; The Sun News, 10/1//2013)