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On Halloween, SCGOP Invites South Carolinians to Share ObamaCare Horror Stories

On Halloween, SCGOP Invites South Carolinians to Share Their ObamaCare Horror Stories


Columbia – Following this week’s statewide “ObamaCare Isn’t Working Tour,” where Republican party leaders and elected officials heard firsthand how ObamaCare is hurting small businesses and taxpayers, the South Carolina Republican Party is giving South Carolinians who have been hurt by ObamaCare a chance to share their stories.

By visiting, families can tell their stories of lost benefits, cut hours, higher premiums, or website glitches.

They can also upload photos that capture the impact of ObamaCare: a letter canceling insurance coverage, a pink slip from an employer, a screenshot of a website malfunction. Stories will be shared online next week.

The President himself said if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. That was a huge lie bought by Vince Sheheen, South Carolina Democrats, and the President’s liberal allies in Congress. They were all wrong. Millions of Americans are losing their health insurance coverage.

Now it’s time to hear from regular South Carolinians who’ve been ignored by Vince Sheheen and President Obama. My heart goes out to each taxpayer and small business owner who is suffering. They deserve better,” said SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore.

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