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Polling Update: Governor Nikki Haley Stronger than Ever

Polling Update: Governor Nikki Haley Stronger than Ever
Leading by 15 points over Vincent Sheheen in New Poll

From: SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore
To: Interested Parties
Re: Governor Haley’s latest poll numbers showing 15 point lead

Today’s new polling numbers from Rasmussen show Governor Nikki Haley well-positioned to win re-election this November, leading Democrat Vincent Sheheen by a huge 52% to 37% margin. The numbers reflect South Carolinians placing their strong beliefs in Governor Haley’s committed leadership on jobs, the economy, and education.

South Carolina’s unemployment rate fell sharply to 5.7% in February from 6.4% in January. The 5.7% number is a six-year low and the first time South Carolina’s unemployment was a full point below the national rate in almost 16 years. Additionally, 2,039,455 South Carolinians were employed in February, the largest number in state history. Since taking office in January 2011, Governor Haley has announced more than 44,000 South Carolina jobs and overseen over $11 billion in capital investments.

Governor Haley is also leading on education reform – as a native of rural South Carolina, she knows that it shouldn’t matter where a student is born or raised. Her innovative reform plan would give every elementary school a reading coach, require every third grader to read, upgrade classroom technology, and make our school funding formula fairer and simpler. Governor Haley has also said she will sign the legislative bill to repeal Common Core and its top-down, Washington D.C. mandates.

Governor Haley’s opponent, liberal Democrat Vincent Sheheen has established himself as Obamacare’s biggest cheerleader in South Carolina, arguing for more federal intervention in South Carolina health care decisions. His time as a trial lawyer has also come under scrunity. According to WLTX, “Sheheen represented a sex offender who abused a minor, and court papers show he negotiated the man’s sentence from ten years to 38 days.”

It’s no suprise that South Carolinians are overwhelmingly placing their trust in Governor Nikki Haley. Her record of results and vision for our state are unmatched. However, the South Carolina Republican Party and our grassroots activists will not rest on our laurels. We have already undertaken a massive voter identification and get out the vote effort on Governor Haley’s behalf. We will not rest until every vote has been counted and Governor Haley has won an overwhelming re-election victory.

Link to Rasmussen Poll