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Joint Statement from VAGOP and SCGOP Chairs on Terry McAuliffe fundraising in South Carolina today


Columbia, S.C. – The Chairmen of the Virginia and South Carolina Republican Parties today released statements on former Democratic National Committee Chairman and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe holding a “fundraising conference call” with South Carolina Democrats. The conference call is being held today.

“South Carolina Democrats say Governor Terry McAuliffe has a ‘playbook’ for South Carolina. Vincent Sheheen must be studying the same playbook, given his support of higher taxes, job-killing regulations, and more Obamacare,” said South Carolina GOP Chairman Matt Moore. “The South Carolina Republican playbook will continue to be good-paying jobs, health care freedom, and economic growth.”

“I heard that our Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe is working the phones today, trying to rally donors against Governor Nikki Haley. You’d think that after holding Virginia’s state budget hostage and threatening to shut down our schools, first responders, and other public services all just to expand Obamacare, Democrats would know better than to associate with him. But apparently the word hasn’t gotten out yet,” said Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins.

“He’s only 8 months into his term, and he’s already come out for gun control and tried to sell a seat on the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Folks, if Terry McAuliffe has anything to do with a candidate, you need to do two things: hold on to your wallet, and run away from that candidate as fast as you can. If Terry McAuliffe is working against Governor Haley, she must be doing something very, very right indeed.”

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