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Press Release: South Carolina GOP statement on President Obama visiting state

Press Release: South Carolina GOP statement on President Obama visiting state

Columbia, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore today issued a statement following news that President Barack Obama will visit the state this coming Friday, March 6:

“Middle class families and small businesses continue to suffer under President Obama’s bad policies. If the President wants to do something more productive than push his liberal agenda on our state, South Carolina has some beautiful golf courses. From blocking construction of the Keystone Pipeline to driving up health care costs to attacking South Carolina manufacturers through the NLRB, it’s clear why this President hasn’t visited South Carolina in seven years,” said Chairman Moore.


Background on Obama’s Visit to South Carolina

Obama doesn’t care about South Carolina, according to The State:

“President Obama has not visited South Carolina since winning the state’s Democratic presidential primary on Jan. 26, 2008. South Carolina is one of three states that Obama has not visited since becoming president. Utah and South Dakota are the others.”

Obama dumps nuclear waste on South Carolina by delaying Yucca Mountain decision:

“A federal appellate court…ordered the Obama administration to stop stalling its review of a nuclear waste facility at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain…The request for court intervention came from Washington state and South Carolina, which are currently forced to hold onto nuclear waste until a long-term storage site is approved.”

Obama’s NLRB tried to close Boeing plant in South Carolina:

“(H)is National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) tried to close the South Carolina plant at the behest of the Washington union workers.”