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ICYMI: Top S.C. Democrats NOT ready for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton testifies

In Case You Missed It: Top South Carolina Democrats NOT ready for Hillary Clinton

Good morning – if you’re writing about Hillary Clinton’s serious hurdles in South Carolina, please see the comments below. Both current and former Democratic National Committee members continue to express uneasinesss over the Hillary Clinton coronation.

Current and former DNC members concerned about “Clinton Coronation,” say Hillary has “peaked in popularity” and “Is this the best we can do?”

“’We haven’t seen Hillary Clinton since 2008. I don’t think that speaks very highly of someone that she’s only here when she needs you,’ he says, adding that Clinton ‘has peaked in her popularity.‘” – Boyd Brown, fmr. State Legislator & current Democratic National Committee member

“I don’t know if I’m more concerned about the ‘convenience’ [explanation] than I am about the almost arrogance of the way this has been handled by her staff and the secretary” – Boyd Brown on Clinton’s questionable email practices

“It’s a continuous sideshow that we have to put up with. Sadly I don’t see it changing.” – Boyd Brown on Clinton’s questionable email practices

“There’s always another shoe to drop with Hillary…The chatter down here is, ‘Is this the best we can do?’” – Dick Harpootlian, fmr. Chairman of the S.C. Democratic Party & top Obama/Biden supporter

“I think one of the criticisms of Hillary Clinton is that she’s secretive and that she plays by…her own set of rules rather than the rules the rest of us have to play by” – Dick Harpootlian