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S.C. Republican of the Month – Glenn McCall


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Glenn and his wife, Linda, reside in Rock Hill, SC and are the parents of three children and one grandchild.

In today’s world of non-stop media coverage and big personalities, we can often forget it’s not always the people in front of the camera who make the biggest impact. Instead, it’s the people who work hard behind the scenes in the trenches, that more often than not, determine the success or failure of any endeavor.

Glenn McCall is one of those people in South Carolina politics.

Glenn McCall spent most of his childhood in Monroe, Louisiana and described himself as “a quiet kid growing up.” From an early age, though, he enjoyed working hard and, “doing chores to make money.” He lived with his mother, who was a single parent, and his five other siblings.

Right out of high school in 1972, Glenn went to the University of Maryland and was recruited into the United States Air Force. He eventually graduated and received a degree in management information and served in the Air Force for 14 years.

During his time in the Air Force is when Glenn really started to become interested in politics. Before joining the Air Force, he really had never had much interest in politics and really did not know much about it. Things changed when he began to feel like then-President Jimmy Carter did not care as much as he should about the military.

Seeing this, McCall started to look into politics and research it. Looking closely at the platforms of both parties, he realized his beliefs and values aligned more closely with the Republican Party. It was during this time that Ronald Reagan was running against President Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election. Glenn liked Reagan’s stance towards the military and felt that he would represent it well. Glenn described Ronald Reagan as the “Perfect Bridge” for him to be able to cross to the Republican side, as he had grown up in a Democratic family. He not only liked Reagan, but also the prospect of a Republican-led economy.

After college, Glenn moved to Dallas where he started working for Bank of America. During this time he became a little involved in the Republican Party in Dallas, but said that between work and his family he did not have a lot of time to devote to politics.

Glenn moved to South Carolina in 2000 and has lived here ever since. It was at this time that Glenn started to become involved in local politics. He began by volunteering at the grassroots level in York County for former Governor Mark Sanford’s and Congressman and (later Senator) Jim DeMint’s campaigns.

Glenn would later become the chairman of the York County Republican Party for six years. As Chairman, he helped to build grassroots coalitions across his county and helped plan and lead events in his area.

Glenn then went on to become the state 2nd Vice Chair for the SCGOP and in May 2008 was elected as the National Committeeman from South Carolina. Since being elected National Committeeman, Glenn has served on the RNC Resolutions Committee, the Rules Committee, was part of the Committee on Arrangements Executive Committee and was made the Chairman of the Delegate Experience Subcommittee for the 2012 National Convention.

During his time on the Rules Committee, Glenn fought to keep South Carolina’s “First in the South” presidential primary status. The primary is huge for South Carolina, as the state receives national attention for the months leading up to the Primary. Glenn says, “Grassroots folks understand how important a role South Carolina plays in national level politics. We don’t take it for granted; we continue to stand strong as First in the South.

Glenn most recently served as the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2016 National Convention in Cleveland. He was responsible for technology production and the security of the entire convention. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure every delegate from every state was safe and had an amazing experience at the convention. Glenn reflected on the experience, saying “There were great folks working for us up in Cleveland. It was a great experience, and showed what it really takes to put on a national event like that and what goes on behind the scenes.

Glenn’s leadership has not gone unnoticed. SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore said McCall is one of the most respected RNC members and an important national voice for Republicans. “Glenn McCall is one of the best Republican leaders I’ve ever known. He works humbly and diligently and never wants credit. That’s rare indeed,” said Chairman Moore.

Glenn McCall may have achieved a high position in the Republican Party, but that has never taken away his deep respect for the grassroots aspect of politics. In particular, Glenn believes the Republican Party must become more diverse. In 2013, Glenn was a co-chairman of the RNC “Growth and Opportunity Project,” which was a guidebook to grow the Republican Party and improve future Republican campaigns.

“What we believe is of most importance is reaching out to those in both parties,” Glenn says. “There’s more work to be done. We have to win elections and work together to bring our values to the table with our elected officials.”

With the 2016 general election fast approaching, Glenn had a few words for fellow Republicans in South Carolina. “Keep the faith,” McCall says. “Keep working hard and we will be victorious in November. The media is against us, so the best way for us to win is to talk to people in our community and our friends and family. Freedom and prosperity for all. No matter what your background, where you’re from, you can join the opportunity party.”

Thank you Glenn for all the hard work you do for everyone in South Carolina and congratulations on being the S.C. Republican of the Month!

Written by John Owens