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SCGOP Statement on Kamala Harris’ town hall events in South Carolina

5/29/19- Columbia, SC) SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement regarding Kamala Harris’ town hall events in South Carolina:

“Kamala Harris is ‘pro choice’ when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to allowing parents the right to choose their childrens school, curriculum or classrooms. Her costly programs may appeal to radicals in New York and California, but she’ll soon find out that South Carolinians want nothing to do with her high tax schemes that would make education even worse. Kamala Harris wants to ‘have a conversation’ about letting convicted terrorists vote from prison, taking our guns and changing the rules of the Supreme Court, but I say we need to have a conversation about getting the government off our backs and giving parents the power of choice when it comes to how their children are educated.”