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ICYMI: Gaffney Ledger: Rep. Norman: We need real border security — now

In case you missed it, Congressman Ralph Norman recently wrote an op-ed for the Gaffney Ledger that outlines why we need real border security to solve the crisis at the southern border.

Unfortunately, our weak borders are being exploited by human traffickers, drug smugglers, and violent gang members. Congressman Norman is correct when he says that it is time for Democrats to stop their political games and work with President Trump and Republicans to finally secure the border.

Read the full op-ed below: 

We need real border security — now

Gaffney Ledger
Rep. Ralph Norman
August 14, 2019

Six years ago, Democrats joined Republicans in their belief that our nation needs a strong, secure border. During his State of the Union address in 2013, then-President Obama said in order to have “real reform” we needed border security, a requirement to learn English, and for those who came to the United States illegally to go “to the back of the line behind folks trying to come here legally.”

Later in the year, all 52 Senate Democrats would join Republicans to vote for the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act — which included funding for a border wall. Yet just a few years later, Democrats preparing for the 2020 election have reversed course, calling this administration’s attempt to secure our border a reaction to a “manufactured crisis.”

But there is nothing manufactured about the humanitarian problems at the border. While the Trump administration and Republicans continue to call on Democrats to work together to end the humanitarian crisis and secure our borders, the latter still refuse to take action as the situation worsens. For the fourth month in a row, Customs and Border Protection (CPB) has apprehended more than 100,000 illegal immigrants at the southwest border and it’s clear our nation is reaching its breaking point.

Congressional Democrats have had ample time to address this crisis and issues our holding facilities face, yet they have voted‚ on 80 separate occasions to provide additional funding to resolve the overcrowding and lack of resources at border facilities. Despite their continued obstruction, President Trump continues to work to secure our border with the help of Republicans in Congress.

On the domestic front, the President understands our asylum system is being abused by those seeking to gain illegal entry into the country. That’s why the Trump administration chose to follow the precedent of previous administrations by requiring migrants at our border to have previously been denied asylum by a country they passed through — restoring order and sending a clear message that taking advantage of the system is no longer allowed.

President Trump has continued to work with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries to stop the flood of migrants making their way to the United States and his diplomatic efforts have been successful. Regardless, 2020 Democrats continue to preach a message of open borders and taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants. They openly brag about circumventing the rule of law to gain points with their base: Cory Booker has admitted to escorting migrants to the United States, while Beto O’Rourke even chose to campaign in Mexico. Being first in the South means that South Carolinians have to speak up.

If we care about securing the border, then the next time a 2020 Democrat candidate comes to town, we need to let them know it is time to stop with the political games and put our families first by working with President Trump to secure the border and end this crisis.

Republican Ralph Norman currently serves as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.