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Surprise: Joe Cunningham stands with Nancy Pelosi!

Last night, Joe Cunningham finally came clean with where he stands on the baseless impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Answer? He stands with Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the other extremists who want to impeach the president.

It’s clear now that Joe Cunningham misled the voters of SC-01 by suggesting that he wanted to work with President Trump. Now, we see that he will always stand with party hacks in D.C. when it comes to supporting partisan political witch hunts.

For weeks, voters across Joe Cunningham’s district showed up to his officeand called him requesting that he stand up for what is right and tell his colleagues that he will not be a part of this partisan fishing expedition. This decision proves to voters that Joe Cunningham is bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi and the socialist squad – at the expense of everyday South Carolinians.

We look forward to holding Joe Cunningham responsible for supporting this impeachment scam and putting politics over the Lowcountry come November 2020.