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ICYMI: President Trump’s State of the Union address was a winner — and his administration has been one, too

President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda has ushered in a Great American Comeback— and here are just some of his achievements:

  • Our economy is on fire, and it is only continuing to roar: we’re talking 7.3 million jobs created and a 50-year low unemployment rate since the 2016 election (including a historically low 2.3% unemployment rate in South Carolina).
  • The United States is a leader on the world stage with our trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, as well as the new trade deal with China.
  • The president’s devotion to an American energy renaissance has allowed us to achieve long-lasting energy dominance that will help not only us, but also our allies as well.
  • The president has worked tirelessly to lower the cost of health care for Americans, including the costs for prescription drugs.
  • Our nation’s illegal immigration numbers have fallen because of the president’s strong hand in forcing Mexico to step up their enforcement efforts. The president also promised a wall along our weak southern border — and a wall is what we’re getting!


I am proud to have a president who puts the United States of America first every step of the way — and one who has truly made the American people’s priorities his own. And it is because of the president’s focus on America and Americans that we are now witnessing a historic Great American Comeback!

U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, Laurens

Duncan represents the 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House.