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“Joe, I’m asking you to come with me and the legislative Black Caucus and disavowal Dick Harpootlian and what he had to say..”

In case you missed it, tonight Tom Steyer blasted Joe Biden over his refusal to disavow the racist statements made earlier this week by top Biden supporter and Democrat State Senator, Dick Harpootlian.

But this isn’t Harpootlian’s first run in with racial controversy. Back in 1986, Harpootlian was quoted as saying “I don’t want to buy the black vote. I just want to rent it for a day.” During that same time period, Joe Biden was helping pass the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986which “helped fuel big racial disparities in incarceration.”

Bottom line: It’s clear that Joe Biden’s campaign is in a free fall after failing terribly in Iowa, but Biden’s refusal to disavowal these comments made by his top campaign surrogate is truly appalling. Both Joe Biden and Dick Harpootlian owe South Carolinians an apology.

Watch the full debate moment here.