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Democrat Jaime Harrison deserves to answer about dark money super PAC

Democrat Jaime Harrison deserves to answer about dark money super PAC

(Columbia, S.C.) – In an attempt to confuse voters for Democrat Jaime Harrison’s sake, Liberty S.C., a dark money super PAC, has been flooding South Carolina airwaves and mailboxes over the last week. The mail pieces and digital ads have been from a group masquerading as a conservative leaning PAC, promoting Dr. Bledsoe and attacking Senator Graham. But Liberty S.C. is far from a conservative group–it’s using Democrat Party vendors, such as The Mammen Group.

Liberty S.C. is a desperate, “pop up PAC” created at the 11th hour to avoid reporting deadlines. It filed with FEC on October 19 and is not an authorized committee yet. But, that hasn’t stopped Facebook from letting them run misleading ads.

Big Tech censors content in the name of “integrity” but is allowing a dark money, unauthorized committee to run misleading, shady ads on its platform.

Likewise, Jaime Harrison is running on “honesty” and “integrity” but has been funding his own misleading ads about Bledsoe through S.C. Signal–and we wouldn’t be surprised if he has something to do with these too.

“We’ve known for a while that liberals don’t practice what they preach. They say they’re for truth and integrity then completely throw those values out the window when it suits them,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “The people of South Carolina deserve to know the truth: is the Harrison campaign connected with Liberty S.C.? Do they agree with this group and its dishonest, unethical messages? Harrison says his grandad told him, ‘A man is only as good as his word,’ well we want to know if he lives up to that, because from our viewpoint, this looks as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks.”