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SCGOP beats Democrats on straight ticket voting for third straight election

SCGOP beats Democrats on straight ticket voting for third straight election

(Columbia, S.C.) – The SCGOP beat Democrats on straight ticket voting for the third straight cycle by a margin of 17%, more than doubling the margin from 2018.

Just under 2.5 million S.C. residents voted for president, with 1.6 million choosing straight ticket. Out of that total, 935,584 Republicans voted straight ticket, or 59% of straight ticket votes compared to Democrats’ 41%.

In 2016, Republicans beat Democrats for the first time on straight ticket voting, by a margin of 2.9%. Continuing that historic trend, Republicans again beat Democrats in straight ticket with a margin of 8%. For the past three cycles, S.C. Republicans have more than doubled our straight ticket margins in each election.

Out of all Republican votes cast, 68% were straight ticket votes. Additionally, 38% of the total votes cast on Election Day were from Republican straight ticket voters.

“Issues win campaigns and the Party platform matters. Since President Trump ran in 2016, he has dramatically expanded our party throughout the state. He had the highest percentage of non-caucasian votes of any Republican president since 1960. Rural Democrats who no longer identify with the radical Left of their party are joining the SCGOP and voting straight ticket,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “We welcome them with open arms and look forward to seeing just how bad we’ll beat Democrats again in 2022.”

These numbers are based on the most recently available data from the S.C. Election Commission as of Friday afternoon.