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State Senate Poisoned H.4919

Media contact: Claire Brady

State Senate Poisoned H.4919

(Columbia, S.C.) — See below for South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick’s statement on the state of H.4919:

“Over the last year, we’ve worked hand in glove with legislators to draft the strongest election integrity bill in state history only to watch the state senate fumble it on the goal line. It’s insane. I’m extremely disappointed that our state senate leadership pushed a poison pill amendment that they knew ahead of time was unacceptable and non-negotiable to the House and the Governor.

“This is NOT why South Carolina Republicans worked hard to elect the largest Republican majority in our state’s history in 2020, and our grassroots activists have made it clear they’re unhappy.

“We sincerely appreciate the Republicans in the State Senate who fought for a workable compromise and will continue to work with them to get this done to further secure our elections in the future.”