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South Carolina Republicans Continue to Make History


November 9, 2022

Media contact: Claire Brady

South Carolina Republicans Continue to Make History

(Columbia, S.C.) – In the 2022 election, South Carolina Republicans won big with historic victories across the state–flipping eight statehouse seats, seven county council seats, and several other local down ballot flips.

“A red wave swept across South Carolina from the coast all the way to the upstate and proved, yet again, what we already know–that this is a solid Republican state,” said South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick.

The SCGOP’s coordinated Victory Program, that works to elect the entire Republican ticket, was the largest it’s ever been for a midterm election, being five times bigger than the 2018 organization.

Since July, the Party knocked on 137,000 doors, compared to 15,000 in 2018, made 333,614 phone calls, sent 654,522 text messages, and sent almost two million pieces of mail.

“Wins like this don’t just happen. You have to work for it, and we have to do our job,” said Chairman McKissick. “We had a great operation with fantastic staff, great volunteers, great candidates, and a great message and that made all the difference.”

A large portion of the historic wins is attributed to the straight ticket vote. Republicans beat Democrats on the straight ticket vote by a record-breaking 27 points. Roughly one million people voted straight ticket, with 62% being Republican. Almost 60% of all Republican votes were cast straight ticket.

In 2016, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket voting for the first time in state history by 2.5 points. In 2018, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket by eight points. In 2020, Republicans beat Democrats on straight ticket by 17 points.


  • Governor McMaster won by 18 points (10 points higher than 2018)
  • Ellen Weaver won by 16 points in open race
  • We flipped 5 State House seats
  • Daniel Gibson (HD-12) McCormick and Greenwood Counties
  • Fawn Pedalino (HD-64) Clarendon and Sumter Counties
  • Matt Leber (HD-116) Charleston and Colleton Counties
  • Jordan Pace (HD-117) Berkeley County
  • Bill Hager (HD-122) Hampton and Jasper Counties
  • Gained 3 new ones
  • Carla Shuessler (HD-61) Horry County
  • David O’Neal (HD-66) Fort Mill Hill area
  • Kathy Landing (HD-80) Charleston County

Local races:

County Council:

  • Gained the majority of Charleston County Council
  • Flipped Clarendon County Council seat (District 1)
  • Almost flipped two
  • Flipped a Chesterfield County Council seat
  • Gained a Republican majority in Chesterfield
  • Flipped two Union County Council seats
  • Gained a majority
  • Won another countywide win in Chester County – county council at-large
  • Flipped a Jasper County Council seat
  • Fairfield County Council seat – “nonpartisan” but flipped to Republican

Probate Judge:

  • Flipped the Greenville County Probate Judge – making all courthouse offices in Greenville Republican
  • Flipped McCormick County Probate Judge


  • Flipped Jasper County Auditor


  • Flipped Jasper County Treasurer


  • Flipped Chesterfield County Sheriff


  • Flipped Union County Supervisor