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Lap Dog Match Game

CM Capture 1The Republican National Committee (RNC) today launched the Senate version of the Lap Dog Match Game at to help Americans hold Senate Democrats accountable for their votes as President Obama’s and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care experiment makes its way to the Senate floor. The game continues to encourage visitors to match statements made against the Democrats’ government-run health care bill with the Senate Democrat who said it.

The game targets 14 different Senate Democrats who have expressed opposition to President Obama’s government-run health care plan and gives Americans the opportunity to point to their statements if and when they decide to roll over at Harry Reid’s command.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi strong-armed enough House Democrats to vote for her government-run health care plan. Now, it’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s turn to tame more of these so-called moderate Democrats. When push comes to shove, will they flip-flop on critical votes, or will they stand up to protect their constituents from new taxes and regulations, which will increase cost and reduce choice and access? The Senate version of is our latest effort to hold these Democrats accountable for their actions.” – RNC Chairman Michael Steele