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Help Find Congressional District 45

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President Obama’s massive stimulus package is creating a lot of jobs in South Carolina. 8,147 jobs to be exact.

According to the Obama Administration’s new website at, the jobs were created in South Carolina’s 16th, 43rd, 45th, 32nd and 12th Congressional districts. There’s just one problem. The Congressional districts are fake. South Carolina only has 6 Congressional districts.

Fake districts. Fake jobs.

Here’s more information from Congressman Joe Wilson:

“Last night, I learned that the government website charged with reporting fraud and abuse is its very own worst offender., the Administration’s website that is designed to report waste of misnamed stimulus funds, has produced a fake report.

Upon visiting the site, you see that $6 million was used to create six jobs in South Carolina’s fake 16th Congressional District. It also shows that $3 million couldn’t even produce a single job in South Carolina’s fake 43rd district. Somehow, $1.8 million was spent for 1.4 jobs in the fake 00 district. This would be funny, but the money belongs to taxpayers, not the government.”

We really want to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt on this one, so we’re asking for your help today. Will you please look around your area and let us know if you’ve found Congressional district 45?


If you cannot find District 45, please print off this sign and take a picture of yourself with it in front of your town sign or a well-known landmark. Email it to and we’ll publish it on our website just like this one:


Happy Hunting!

– The SCGOP Staff


Looks like Wesley can’t find Congressional District 45


Anna says District 45 is not in DeMint headquarters.


BJ has no clue where District 45 is.


Sarah Lil can’t find District 45 over at the McMaster camp either.


Congressman Wilson’s team has no idea where to find District 45


Charlie, the Nikki Haley mascot, sniffed around and couldn’t find District 45.


No District 45 in Adrienne’s booth either.

45 sign

District 45 isn’t in Baghdad


Wesley can’t find District 45 in his home town.


District 45 is not in Charleston Coutny


TPS Can’t find District 45


Wesley Can’t find District 45 at the airport, but he did find jobs brought by Boeing!


This little guy wore himself out looking for District 45.


Adam Temple caught the President looking for District 45.


3rd Vice Chair Adam Piper couldn’t find District 45 on his globe.


District 45 is not in the Men’s room


Not in the Women’s room either!


TPS also failed to find District 45 on the moon.


The Taco Boy can’t find District 45.


Congressman Joe Wilson and son, Attorney General candidate, Alan Wilson can’t find District 45 at the Clemson College Republicans’ tent.


Adrienne Levy and Elizabeth Martin cant find District 45 at Hunter Gatherer