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Democrats Add More Debt

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President Barack Obama and his liberal allies in Congress are continuing to put our nation further in debt with government-run health care, automotive takeovers, and stimulus packages that are now creating jobs in make-believe congressional districts. Read more.

Are you ready to rack up even more debt beyond what we now owe to foreign nations like China?

If so, the South Carolina Democratic Party is here to help.


Introducing the South Carolina Democratic Party MasterCard. Just spend all the money you want. It really doesn’t matter. You’re not going to have to pay it back. Neither will your children. The Democrats will do you a favor, skip a generation, and just send the bill straight to your grandchildren.

Or, you can do the fiscally responsible thing and help us pay back our debts now.

The South Carolina Republican Party is undertaking an historic fundraising drive to pay off our building mortgage. Longtime Republican Leader Mr. Roger Milliken is matching every dollar we raise so that we can own our building outright with NO DEBT.

This is important because paying off our building early will free up resources to put toward the critical 2010 election!

In this time of economic uncertainty while the Democrats are doing everything they can to kill economic opportunity, we believe the most responsible course of action is to pay off all our debts as early as possible. We now have the opportunity to get the job done in the next 45 days.

Today we’re asking you to click here and give $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford. Help us do what’s fiscally responsible and pay off our debts. We’ll own a state-of-the-art leadership center to train new generations of Republicans.

Please click here today and give whatever you can. We don’t need to keep racking up debt like the Democrats. We need to do what’s fiscally responsible today.


Karen Floyd