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A Christmas Message from Chairman Karen Floyd

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I truly wish each of every one of you a joyful Christmas season.

While as a Party we celebrate diversity and are respectful of all traditions associated with this time of the year, the observance celebrated by my family and by most South Carolinians is the birth of Jesus Christ. Two lessons from Christ’s life strike me as particularly applicable for all of us as we head into the New Year.

First and foremost is that of love. As human beings, we will all disagree often. But it is our challenge to always disagree in a spirit of love rather than acrimony, and out of concern for improving the world around us rather than simply improving our own lot.

Another lesson that is relevant for all of us is the principle of action. The most compelling part of Christ’s life is not just what he said, but what he did. In that same vein, it was the action, not just the words, of the original disciples and an untold number of believers through the centuries who – through God – kept Christ’s message and his teachings alive.

Through a spirit of love and a commitment to action we can all play a part of making a better South Carolina and a better nation. God bless you all, and once again – Merry Christmas!