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Karen’s Blog: Getting Ready for November

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Good morning everyone. I hope you are staying warm on this very chilly Monday. This is the first of what will hopefully be very frequent blog posts to keep you informed of what we’re up to at the SC Republican Party headquarters.

We’ve been extremely busy in preparations for this year’s important Congressional mid-term and South Carolina statewide elections. These elections will shape the direction of our state and nation for the next few years, which makes it one of the most important elections in recent cycles due to the fragile state of our economy. Here at the party headquarters we’ve been in full fundraising mode, paying off old debts and rebuilding our war chest for November.

In fact, party fundraising has consumed my life for the past few months. By now you’ve heard about the amazing accomplishment of paying off our building debt with the help of Mr. Roger Milliken. Through the Milliken Match program, we matched Mr. Milliken’s donation dollar for dollar and we now enter this election year with a strong financial foundation. As you know, debt is the last thing we need in this economic environment. While President Obama and his liberal Congressional allies continue to put our nation in even more debt, we here at the South Carolina Republican Party did the responsible thing and paid off ours.

On Saturday we had the honor of hosting former United States Senator and possible presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, at the home of June Bradham in Charleston for a fundraiser. All I can say is that Senator Santorum was simply fantastic. He passed on the typical stump speech to answer questions from attendees. A lot of time was spent discussing the obvious mess in Washington and what can be done to fix the problem. Senator Santorum, like many of us, believe the problem emanates from the White House and the President’s liberal cronies. He fears that our country is sliding toward European socialism, which can only be remedied by a return to our constitutional principles. I strongly urge you to do some research into Senator Santorum and listen closely to his message.

Now that I’m back in Spartanburg, I’m in full fundraising mode. Like I said, I hope to start writing more often, so you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Stay warm!

– Karen

PS – Here are a few photos from Saturday’s fundraiser.