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Senate Republicans Need Your Help

CM Capture 3The voice for conservative government took a major blow in 2008 with the election of a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the US Senate. Since then, conservatives have struggled in the fight against Democrats’ push for more taxes, more bureaucracy, and less freedom. But on Tuesday, January 19, we have the opportunity to fight back.

In the race to replace the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts, Republican State Senator Scott Brown needs your help to defeat liberal Democrat Martha Coakley — and take a big bite out of the Democratic majority in the Senate in the process. With Massachusetts being a state that hasn’t elected a Republican Senator in over 30 years, this is an uphill battle but one that is crucial to the conservative cause. With a victory next Tuesday we will send a resounding message to Democrats everywhere, and Scott Brown will go to work for Republicans like us to help in the fight against the DC liberals’ agenda.

To help Senator Brown, please sign up to make calls from home here:

Conservatives everywhere need your help, please sign up to make calls and help pull off a huge Republican upset victory in the one of the bluest state of all!