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If Al Gore Would Have Known…

If Al Gore Would Have Known This Was Going To Happen, Maybe He Wouldn’t Have Invented The Internet!

The Democrats were very successful and out-worked Republicans nationally on the Internet in 2008. But, the tables have turned. We’re very excited about the rollout of the new SCGOP Web site. The redesign and new options offer interactivity that will give us the best state party website in America.

Republicans have been coming back and making gains across the country by mounting innovative campaigns, finding new and better ways of taking our message to the people. Bob McDonnell in Virginia won his race for governor in a state where Democrats won the two Senate seats, had the past two governors and went for Barack Obama in 2008. Scott Brown won election to the Senate in a liberal state where the seat was previously occupied by none other than Ted Kennedy. When we’re able to effectively get our message to the voters, they respond, and they respond by voting Republicans into office.
Here at home, Joe Wilson in the House and Jim DeMint in the Senate are leading the national fight to change America online. Following Democratic attacks on him, Congressman Wilson has been raising unprecedented amounts of money on the Internet from South Carolinians and concerned conservatives all over the nation. Senator DeMint has been labeled “the most tech-savvy member of Congress,” and has been at the forefront of connecting to voters online.

At the state party, we too are coming up with new ways to connect with voters. The new site has a number of great features. There’s an interactive gateway to county parties and affiliates, and the entire structure is based on a sophisticated database with complete social networking integration. We’ve also added in a call-from-home voter contact tool. New voter contact tools and Web sites for county parties are being added in the next few weeks, and more social networking, including a closer integration with Facebook. Not only all this, but there’s a wealth of information to keep you up-to-date, which will be constantly updated with news from around the state.

We invite you to come visit the new site at Join the SCGOP Network. Check us out on Facebook and connect with us on Twitter at @scgop. The other guys might have won in 2008, but not this time! 2010 is our year.

-Karen Floyd