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Tell Obama & Reid Where To Store It

The Democrats in Washington continue to prove that they are not looking out for South Carolina citizens and this time it concerns your family’s safety, not your just wallet.

President Obama announced that the federal government will abandon a decades-long plan for nuclear waste storage. The federal government has been planning to send nuclear waste to a safe and secure location in Nevada. The Obama Administration has decided to abandon the plan and leave thousands of canisters of nuclear waste sitting inside our borders.

South Carolina has spent more than 1 billion dollars to help develop the site in Nevada, in hopes that the waste will be stored safely outside our borders. Now, Senator Reid has decided that he doesn’t want nuclear waste in his backyard, so he wants South Carolina to keep it.

Our Republican leaders held a press conference to tell Obama that we don’t want the nuclear waste in our borders and now its your chance to do the same. Please add your name to our petition to keep our state safe.

If possible, become a part of our Dollar a Day program. Simply donating a dollar a day, thirty dollars a month, or 365 dollars a year can help us ensure that our conservative voices are heard in Washington.