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The Garnet Spy: I Am The Mob

I am The Mob.

I am The Mob because I am angry. I am angry at the elitist politicians voted into office to represent the people but who, instead look down on the people. I am angry at “representatives” who consider the population to be nothing more than unwashed masses who aren’t as smart as they are, aren’t as sophisticated as they are, who aren’t as capable to know what’s best. I am angry because “we the people” are treated as “they the ignorant.”

I am The Mob because I care about the safety of America. I care about what will come of her by those who wish to do her harm – both abroad and domestically. I care about the totality of the American people and not just the few who are connected, who enjoy celebrity or who consider hard earned taxes as their personal bank account.

I am The Mob because I trust the Constitution both as it was written and as it was intended. I trust the principles that founded this country, principles that nurtured it through revolution and the growing pains of a new republic. I trust the courage that survived a civil war, a Great Depression and assassinations. I trust the goodness of this nation that led our men to drop their hammers and leave their plows and sail across vast seas to fight for the liberty of peoples they did not know – not just once, or twice or even three times. And I trust those who are wearing our colors now with that same courage and goodness. I do not trust those who abandon those principles, who question that courage or who assail that goodness.

I am The Mob and I believe government is a servant and not a master. I believe government is my possession and I am not owned by government. I believe the taxes I pay should be levied equally and honestly and dispensed with like integrity. I believe those in whom our government’s finances are entrusted should be accountable for every cent of it and should suffer great consequence for misappropriation. And I believe “we the people” should determine what constitutes misappropriation.

I am The Mob and I treasure life. I treasure the newborn and the unborn; the adolescent and the aged. I treasure life too much to see it raked from the womb as a convenience. I treasure life so much that those who deny it on a whim, in a tirade or during some personally-induced stupor should be denied there own. This is not a contradiction; it’s a declaration that life is precious and those who think so little of it are unworthy of it.

I am The Working Mob and do not want the fruit of my labors to be “redistributed” to those who are not or have not been as diligent. Charity is necessary but should not be mandatory. The government is not in the charity business just as it is not to be in the business of religion.

I am The Mob that wants secure borders and a fair and just immigration policy. “Fair and just” FIRST to the country and THEN to the immigrants. Non-citizens do not have a “right” to come or belong to this country unless and until they do so under the conditions WE set forth, not according to their wishes.

I am The Mob and I stand with those who sail and fly and march beneath and for Old Glory. I stand with them because they stand and fight and some die for what our nation stands for – liberty. I stand with those who can no longer stand or see or hold their loved ones. I stand with those on whom our nation depends for our safety, our prosperity and our existence.

I am The Mob and I can – and will – criticize public officials no matter their race or gender if I disagree with them. Such criticism doesn’t mean I’m a racist or sexist, it means I am critical of that particular person.

I am The Mob and I choose to worship God. I worship not through the benevolence of government, but because it is my choice. I will not sacrifice, deny, dilute or ignore that choice no matter what politicians, judges or social services may try to impose upon me. Should I feel the need or desire to pray in a public place, I will do so. Should I feel the need or desire to read the Bible in a public place, I will do so. This does not make me a redneck, Bible-thumper or an intolerant person.

I am The Mob and consider people more important than party. Political parties divide people and damage public discourse. Loyalty to a political party at the expense of the will of the electorate is contrary to the reason for our nation’s existence.

I am The Mob and will not apologize for America. As a country, we’ve made mistakes and there are regrets, but ours is the most benevolent nation in the history of mankind. We have liberated, rescued, saved, restored, protected, assisted, healed and fed more people of other countries than has ever populated our own. No apologies are necessary.

I am The Mob. Do not belittle me, dismiss me, ignore me or underestimate me.

I am The Mob and I have a vote and I have a voice and I will exercise both.