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Christine Byington: Taking America Back

“I have lived in this house since 1993 and you are the first person to talk to me, in person, about a candidate.”

In late October 2009 I had the opportunity to travel to Virginia to help lead Bob McDonnell and the Republican ticket to victory. On the third day of walking around the neighborhoods of Western Virginia, I encountered a woman who expressed her joy that someone spoke to her in person. To me, her statement addressed one of the main reasons the 72-hour GOTV is important, and why we should embrace this effort throughout the campaign season.

We are the frontline fighters for conservatism. If we ever hope to drive home conservative ideals, we have to begin with our neighbors. Our friends and neighbors will trust us before they trust any politicians or even the GOP as a party. I believe it is part of our civic duty to find which candidates best represent our views; we must then spread the word.

We have to work to improve voter turnout in primary elections. Many people complain about the choices we have in general elections, but often they don’t seem to realize how important every aspect of the primary is. If you are unsatisfied with your current representation, the primary is the chance to fix it. It starts with fielding conservative candidates and doing the hard grassroots work for those candidates, and it culminates with getting people to vote in the primary.

In 2006, primary turnout in South Carolina for Democrats and Republicans combined was roughtly 17.5 percent (this contrasts with the 44.95 percent turnout in the general election). To promote conservative ideals, we have to promote conservative candidates in the primary. How can we be expected to be a leader in putting conservatives into office if we cannot manage to get to the polls to do so?

This country is ready for another conservative revolution, but we have to own the movement. We have taken the first step by letting our Representatives and Senators know we are paying attention. However, revolution does not occur by merely identifying a problem. We must be the solution, as well. We must find conservative alternatives. We must do the ground work to help these conservative candidates get elected. If you can do precinct walks, do them. If you prefer making phone calls, do it. If you can spare the money to donate to a candidate, do it. Find the best way you can contribute and spread the word.

Only then can we take America back.