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Liberal Group Tells Rob Miller To Stay under Their Thumb & Keep Quiet on Government-Run Health Plan.

Extreme group has given Rob Miller big bucks and is calling the shots on health care. Here’s what The Hill Newspaper reports.

“On Monday, the liberal group backed that up with an e-mail to its members that threatens primaries for Members who vote against the bill and the release of a new six-figure national cable TV ad campaign that targets Democrats who are wavering on whether to support the controversial legislation.”Read the full Roll Call article here.

What would candidate Rob Miller do if he were in Congress?

Miller recently said “no comment” when asked what his position is on the health care takeover last week? has given Miller a big ultimatium. Miller must support government-run health care or he could have to deal with an opponent in the primary.

But for now, Miller’s not giving his position on one of the biggest pieces of legislation in the history of this country. and ActBlue funneled more than a million dollars into Miller’s campaign in 2009 and Miller has sent thousands of dollars to the extreme liberal groups.

So what side is Rob Miller on? Will he side with his extreme liberal financial backers like, or with the people of South Carolina’s Second District who do not support a government takeover of health care.

Miller won’t say but voters have a right to know.