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Bring Spratt Home

Since President Barack Obama took office and started pushing his ill-conceived healthcare plan on the American public, U.S. Rep. John Spratt has been one of the plan’s biggest supporters in the House. As Chairman of the Budget committee, he’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man on the issue.

Of course, support for this big government takeover of health care has dropped like rock, so the Democrats are trying every trick they have to try to pass the gigantic bill. The latest idea would even block the ability for the House to vote on the final version of the bill, yet still pass it. That’s right – the healthcare bill could pass without a final up-or-down vote. That’s an affront to Democracy.

As South Carolina residents, it’s our duty to bring Spratt home. We can’t allow a representative of our state to go up to Washington and act in a way that is so unrepresentative of how we feel. South Carolinians want no part of Obamacare, but that’s not stopping Spratt from helping Pelosi do whatever it takes to subvert the will of our state and of most Americans.

Join the fight to help get Spratt packing. You can sign up to volunteer on our new Web site, It’s easy. Just click right here, then take a couple minutes to fill in your information and what you’d like to do. Then, a party representative will get in touch with you and get going from there.

We can’t allow Spratt to spend one more term in Washington. Lend a hand and help bring him home today.