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Time Is Now For Rob Miller To Give Position On Government Health Care Takeover.

Rob Miller, the clock is ticking. The Second Congressional Democrat candidate has 72 hours to tell South Carolina voters his view on one of the biggest bills to ever come through the halls of Congress. With preliminary Congressional Budget Numbers having just been released, Nancy Pelosi and her gang of liberals have vowed to pass the health care takeover as early as this weekend.

Poll after poll shows hard-working Americans saying a resounding “no” to government-run health care. Joe Wilson doesn’t need to stick a finger in the wind. Wilson has been on the record against any government health care takeover from the beginning.

Rob Miller wanted to be a member of Congress two years ago, but refused to take a stand on giving his position on the health bill when asked by reporters on multiple occasions recently.

Hilton Head Island Packet Story – March 9

The Hill Newspaper March 12

Yet, Miller did tell a group of partisan Democrats that he would oppose the Stupak Amendment, a ban on any taxpayer funding for abortions in any health plan.

Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to bend the rules and twist arms to get this bill passed. Liberal group has threatened Democrats with primary challengers if they don’t support the health care takeover.

Rob Miller’s campaign has been heavily financed by extreme groups like Rob Miller is on record taking a radical position on federal funding of abortions. All signs point to Miller siding with a government takeover of health care, but he’s afraid to tell voters his real position.

The clock is ticking, time for Rob Miller to come out of hiding and give South Carolinians an answer, is it yes or no to a government takeover of health care? Voters deserve to know who the real Rob Miller is.

We’ll even give Rob a little help to tell voters his position. Here’s a link to the bill text.