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Spratt to give speech at Carolina…North Carolina, that is

Columbia, SC – April 19, 2010 – Rather than holding a town hall meeting in his own Congressional District to try and explain and
justify his wildly unpopular role in pushing through President Obama’s nationalization of healthcare, Congressman John Spratt
is retreating north of the border to give a speech on the new law at UNC-Chapel Hill. SCGOP Executive Director Joel Sawyer
today released the following statement on Spratt’s choice of venue:

“It’s no shock that instead of holding a town hall meeting with voters of the Fifth District, Spratt’s public defense for leading
the charge for socialized medicine will be delivered to a group of Tar Heels. After all, he knows he’s really stepped in it with
South Carolina voters,” Sawyer said. “South Carolinians simply do not want Washington, D.C. and the Obama Administration dictating
their healthcare decisions to them, but John Spratt has been too busy carrying the president’s water – and sometimes his briefcase –
to listen. Come November, Congressman Spratt won’t be able to hide north of the border anymore, and he will have to answer to South
Carolina voters. Senator Mick Mulvaney will continue to lay out a compelling, conservative vision to the voters of the Fifth District,
and we are confident that vision will win this fall.”

Spratt to give speech at UNC-Chapel Hill