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Want to know where Miller stands? Follow the $$$…

We just got this email from the NRSC and thought we’d share:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro are consistently ranked as two of the most liberal members of Congress. Other than their extreme liberal views, what else do both of these blue state Democrats have in common? They’re both big-time supporters of liberal Rob Miller.

New Federal Election Commission Reports shed more light on liberal mystery man Miller. According to the FEC report, liberal groups led by Pelosi have given Rob Miller nearly $40,000 in the first quarter.

Liberal group ActBlue led the way by bundling $12,243 to Miller. Speaker Pelosi’s campaign even pitched in $2,000.

Northeast liberal Rep. Rosa DeLauro’s campaign gave Miller $1,000 on March 31. DeLauro has previously donated $1,000 to Miller.

A hardcore abortion supporter, DeLauro is rated 0% by the National Right to Life Committee. Union bosses at the AFL-CIO rate her as a 93% supporter on the job-killing legislation they support, such as cap-and-trade, Obamacare and card check. Her Northeast liberal values are diametrically opposed to common-sense South Carolina values.

Pelosi shares DeLauro’s 0% rating for protecting the unborn. Pelosi’s record for supporting tax hikes is simply too long to list in this forum.

Miller’s take from big union bosses is particularly startling. Miller raked in a little more than $20,000 in the first quarter of 2010 from Washington, DC-based unions.

According to the FEC report, the U.S. Postal Workers Union gave Miller a giant check worth $4000 on March 31. Miller also pocketed $4,000 from two other unions (American Federation of Government Employees and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Workers) that support an expanded federal bureaucracy.

Bottom line: Rob Miller may not say much of anything. But it’s clear where he stands – just follow the money.


Amalgamated Transit union – 1000

Amer. Assoc For Justice – 2000

Am. Fed of Govt Employees – 1500

AFSCME -1000

Postal Workers Union – 4000

Int’s Assoc of Iron Workers Union – 5000

Nat’l Air Traffic controllers – 1000

Food & Commercial Workers Union – 2500

New House AFSCME Pac – 2500

Union GRAND TOTALS for 1st Qtr.= $20,500

(Not including Act Blue or other PAC money, which is nearly $40K)