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The End of Big Government Abuses

South Carolina Republican:

First and foremost, congratulations are in order for our candidates and their staffs that celebrated their well-deserved victories Tuesday night. Your vigorous campaigning for conservative solutions and values helped facilitate the largest turnout amongst voters in nearly twenty years. We are proud and excited to have each one of you in our ranks and wish luck to those who are preparing for the upcoming runoff.

As we eagerly anticipate the final formation of our ticket in just two weeks, we must also begin unifying our state party in preparation for one of the most important fall elections in recent memory. Two days ago, voters across the state wrote their collective mandate for fiscal conservatism, increased transparency, and the end of big government abuses. This stern demand was not written so that it could be filed away into a mere memory; rather, this outcry must be expedited to the front of our party’s agenda. It must be made clear in the mind of each and every voter that the South Carolina Republican Party hears their demands and will exceed their expectations.

We won’t fall to the big government agenda of Vincent Sheheen, Frank Holleman and Rob Miller. We’ll remind every voter that they have to look no further than Rock Hill toward John Spratt to see what a liberal looks like.

In order to succeed in this effort, it is essential that we strip away the differences that can accumulate from months of campaigning against fellow members of our party. Now is the time to begin assembling together the many unique qualities that we and the South Carolina voters have in common. By unifying our party into one cohesive voice, our shared values are sure to resonate with the concerned citizens of our state.

In the first step of this vital process, we will be hosting a “Post-Primary Unity Breakfast” on Wednesday, June 23. It will take place at 300 Senate Street in Columbia from 10:00am – 11:30am. You can call 803-988-8440 for more information.

Please be sure to attend this event, as it is imperative that we come together to make our party strong and unified in this election season.

We look forward to a positive runoff based on true conservative ideas instead of the politics of personal destruction and we’re excited to turn our attention to Nancy Pelosi’s South Carolina allies.


Karen Floyd

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