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SCGOP Chairman Responds to Voter ID defeat

Statement by SC GOP Chairman Karen Floyd on the S.C. Senate’s inability to break a Democratic filibuster on the Voter ID bill

“The S.C. Senate had a wonderful opportunity to pass new Voter ID legislation this year.  Such a reform would have gone a long way in preventing voter fraud and abuse. We were all hopeful the Senate could move it past the finish line,” Floyd said.

“Unfortunately it was blocked by a Democratic Party filibuster.  I join many other Republican activists across South Carolina in expressing deep disappointment that a Senate with a substantial Republican majority could not break the filibuster. Sadly, several Republican Senators simply would not join their Republican colleagues to vote for cloture. Specifically, Senators Leatherman, O’Dell and Rankin refused to do so. And while we understand Senator Knotts had agreed to vote for cloture, it was too late.

“However it is worth noting the Republican Senators who fought the hardest for this bill – Majority Leader Peeler, Senator Campsen and Senator Shoopman. We all thank them for their leadership and we thank all the Republicans who voted for cloture.

“We will continue to fight for this issue, and will not hesitate to make it known exactly why the bill did not pass this year.”