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Vince Sheheen – Liberal on Illegal Immigration

Columbia, SC – June 24, 2010 – State Senator Vince Sheheen is not what he appears to be.

While campaigning as a moderate, Sheheen’s Senate record shows him to be something very different – a “bleeding heart liberal” (The State, 1/11/08) as one Senate colleague dubbed him.

In fact, Sheheen’s voting record has been anything but moderate on any number of issues – from illegal immigration, to taxes, to spending and growing government.

Sheheen cast the lone “no” vote on a Senate subcommittee bill that would have made sure South Carolina’s government business was conducted only in English! (Associated Press, 1/10/08)

Sheheen sought to create loopholes in South Carolina’s anti-illegal immigration law. He “argued for some exceptions” in the law, which would require employers to verify the citizenship status of those they employee. (Greenville News, 10/26/06).

“When it comes to illegal immigration, Senator Sheheen was too busy trying to appease ultra liberals to realize that South Carolinians expect tough action,” SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd said. “Unfortunately, this is part of a larger pattern with Senator Sheheen – a voting record that doesn’t reflect South Carolina values, and instead follows the Washington liberal model of more government, more spending and more debt.”

Floyd said that today was the beginning of a months-long effort to tell the real story of Vincent Sheheen.

“Senator Sheheen is a liberal in moderate’s clothes,” Floyd said. “But we are going to make sure that voters know the truth about his voting record come November. Today is just the tip of the iceberg.”