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Joe Biden and John Spratt: Two Liberal Peas in a Pod

As the anticipation over the November elections builds up, the Democrats’ “panic-meter” is in full swing.

This week, the Obama Administration’s chief spokesman, Robert Gibbs, conceded at a press conference that the Democrats may lose control of the House. This is a slight step towards reality for the administration, whose poll numbers have recently dropped just above 40% this past Tuesday. If Mr. Gibbs were to be completely honest, then he would address the high chances of Republicans taking over the Senate as well.

However, let’s just focus on the House for now. One of the races the White House hopes to influence is between U.S. Representative John Spratt and his rival state Senator Mick Mulvaney. In an effort to prepare Spratt’s bank account for his fight against Mulvaney, the White House is sending Vice President Joe Biden down to South Carolina to “help out”. Imagine you are poor Representative Spratt, and you have to say “yes” to this offer from one of the most powerful men in the country. Spratt must know that having the symbol of Big Governement stump for you does not exactly serve the current political climate. But what else is he supposed to say? “No thanks”?

Of course, the White House has to do all that it can to prevent their budget writer from getting booted out of office. They can send in their big guns like Joe Biden, but it will just remind voters of the Obama administration’s incompetence…

On the other hand, voters can choose to elect one of the state’s most conservative legislators, Senator Mick Mulvaney, and shake up the way things are done in Washington.

We are trying to fundraise this month to help build our ground game. Our team of activists will be armed with the tools to take our reform message door-to-door so we can send John Spratt and the rest of the liberals packing!

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