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Is Alvin Greene becoming more high-profile than Rob Miller?

Democratic Senate candidate easier to spot on campaign trail than Rob Miller

(COLUMBIA, SC – July 19, 2010) How’s this for irony? Alvin Greene, whose Senate candidacy is wrapped in layers of questions, is becoming more high-profile than fellow Democrat and Second Congressional District candidate Rob Miller.

A large crowd of reporters and just plain curious folks filled a junior high school auditorium in his hometown of Manning Sunday to listen to Greene’s first public speech since becoming his party’s nominee last month. Several hundred people were on hand, including more than a dozen reporters and as many TV cameras. Not a bad turnout for a seven-minute speech!

Compare that to Missing-In-Action Miller. Nearly six weeks after clinching the Democrat nomination, Miller has been a no-show at high visibility events all over the Second Congressional District, keeping his public appearances to a minimum. That led one observer to crack, “It’s sad when you’re a candidate and Alvin Greene has a higher profile than you do!”

It’s not that Rob Miller is lazy. His Second Quarter fundraising report filed with the FEC last week shows he’s been busy shaking down liberal donors all across the country (with the vast majority of them being outside South Carolina.) He’s made time for a pair of fundraisers with lobbyists and liberals alike on the same day in the heart of Washington, DC earlier this month.

Perhaps Rob Miller is staying out of the public eye because he doesn’t want to answer annoying questions about his association with an array of liberal extremist groups, such as, which has funneled more than $370,000 into his bank account?

How a candidate acts during a campaign is a clear indication of how he would act in public office. Ducking from reporters and skipping events where he could answer voters’ questions now could easily lead to hiding from constituents’ later on.

And so the guessing game goes on for South Carolinians: just who is Rob Miller, and whose side is he really on?

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Spokesman, SC Victory 2010
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