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The Democrats Are Freaking Out

A LIBERAL VISIT: Just days after claiming that the stimulus package should have included much MORE SPENDING, Vice President Joe Biden is in South Carolina raising money for fellow liberal John Spratt.

BIG MONEY CONCERN: The DCCC is freaking out now.  You’ve sent a strong message that you’re sick of John Spratt’s big spending and that message has been received loud and clear in Washington. Knowing they can’t lose their CHIEF BUDGET WRITER, the Democrats have purchased $750,000 in TV ads to help John Spratt.

BUILD OUR ARMY: We are 100% dedicated to taking John Spratt out in November. His big spending budgets are killing jobs across the nation and his home state continues to have one of the worst unemployment rates in America. Help us stop the spending NOW by donating to the South Carolina Republican Party.

Click on the video below to play a special video message from SC Republican Party Chairwoman Karen Floyd!