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Sheheen – Liberal on taxes

Columbia, SC – August 10, 2010 – South Carolina may never know how Vince Sheheen makes his money, as he continues to refuse releasing records about his trial lawyer firm’s clients.

But, we know where he stands on letting us keep more of what we earn – he is against it.

In fact, during his career as a liberal Columbia insider, Vince Sheheen has voted against at least $1.3 BILLION in tax cuts – money that could have gone directly to South Carolina families to help stimulate the economy.

Some of the lowlights of Sheheen’s big-government, big spending voting record include:

– In 2005, he voted against a cut to individual income taxes that would have resulted in at least $1 billion annually in tax relief at full implementation

– In 2006, he voted against a bill that provided $132 million in tax relief to families buying groceries.That same 2006 bill cut the average homeowner’s property tax bill by 50 to 60 percent.

– Also in 2006, he voted against an amendment that would have sent government surpluses back to the taxpayers, rather than spending that money on new programs.

– And in 2007, he voted against an $81 million tax reduction in the state budget

SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd said Sheheen’s record of opposing tax cuts spells would spell bad news for South Carolina’s economy.

“Vince Sheheen does not seem to understand that if you want to help the economy, you have to cut taxes. Instead, he relies on the failed Obama-Pelosi model of growing government and believing that Columbia politicians can solve all of our problems,” Floyd said. “It seems Vince Sheheen’s idea of economic development is making the state more lawyer-friendly than business-friendly, and more bureaucrat-friendly than taxpayer-friendly. Either way, South Carolinians simply cannot afford Vince Sheheen.”