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Rob Miller says one thing to the Aiken Standard, another to Liberals

Liberal Democrat talks “centrist” to folks in the 2nd District
while also telling liberals he is one of them

(Columbia, SC – August 17, 2010) Liberal Democrat Rob Miller keeps trying to have the best of both worlds.

He made a pair of rare personal appearances on the campaign trail last Saturday, popping up in Pelion and Salley. Judging from news accounts, he was yet again trying to pass himself off to folks as a middle of the road Democrat. Here is what the Aiken Standard reported Sunday about his visit: “The nominee (Miller) believes the nation needs to get back to the concept of the sensible center, where Republicans, Democrats and Independents can actually sit down and talk….”

Stop the press! Once again, what Rob Miller says at one time doesn’t match what he says at another.

On Saturday, it was “sit down and talk.” But just two days before that, a contributor posted this on the very liberal Daily Kos website: “Received a surprise call from Rob Miller today. He’s fundraising, and my name wound up on his list… I told him that I hope progressives (read “liberals”) can run on their principals and not compromise for the sake of “bipartisanship.” He agreed…”

So much for “sitting down and talking.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Just six weeks ago, Rob Miller chatted up another liberal blogger, who posted the following about his conversation with Miller on the liberal Down With Tyranny blog on June 29th: “I asked him if we can expect to see him join the Blue Dog Caucus in Congress. He (Miller) laughed. “I get asked that all the time.” He said he wouldn’t be joining the Blue Dogs and an impeccable source told me that the Blue Dogs approached Miller several times bearing gifts– promising to raise money for him… and he turned them down flat.”

You see, Rob Miller knows that most folks in South Carolina’s Second District are moderates and conservatives. But he clearly is not. So in order to win their votes in November, he must pretend to be one of them now. Which makes some people wonder how he would actually vote if he winds up making it to the House.

We already know the answer. Rob Miller leaves behind him a trail as wide as an Interstate highway revealing his true political colors, and he cannot run from it. Exhibit A: the $370,000+ that the activist busy-bodies at have rounded up for him from liberal donors in New York and Massachusetts and Oregon and dozens of other blue states. (By the way, as recently as last Monday, the Hilton Head Island Island Packet reported Miller still won’t say whether he will heed the growing chorus of calls for him to send that money back to

Rob Miller poses as “one of us” on those rare times when he actually campaigns in South Carolina, then poses as “one of them” when he talks to liberals.

So as we head into the depths of summer, the guessing game goes on: who is the real Rob Miller, and whose side is he really on?