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Where do you stand, Vince? Today is the time for answers

Columbia, SC – August 18, 2010 – Vince Sheheen is holding his first public press event in months today.

It’s a good thing, too – more and more unanswered questions pile up by the day about his liberal views and the votes he has taken as a career Columbia insider.

Today is a perfect opportunity for Vince to start giving South Carolinians the answers he owes them:

–  Where does Sheheen stand on Obamacare? Specifically, what would he do as governor to either speed or impede the implementation of the law? Would he reverse current state policy of not participating in the costly “high-risk” pool? How would he fund the increases in Medicaid eligibility being mandated by Obamacare?

–  Where does Sheheen stand on illegal immigration? Sheheen cast the lone “no” vote on a bill that would make English the official language for conducting state business. Does Sheheen support or oppose the Arizona-style immigration law – a law that served as a model for several pieces of legislation in our own legislature? Would he sign or veto a similar bill?

–  Why won’t Sheheen release his legal clients? It was discovered last week that he raked in a share of a cool $1 million legal profit by suing payday lenders, at the same time he was taking votes on bills to regulate the industry. A leading
newspaper called his participation in the suit a “money grab.” What other clients is he representing while regulating the industries and agencies he is suing?

–  Where does Sheheen stand on abortion? A bill was passed earlier this year on an unrecorded vote to create a 24-hour waiting period before getting an abortion. Since no vote was recorded, did Sheheen vote for or against the bill? Is he pro-life, or pro-choice?

–  Where does Sheheen stand on state suits to stop the implementation of Obamacare, and to force the removal of nuclear waste from South Carolina? As governor, would he work with the next attorney general to pursue those suits, or would he kowtow to the Obama Administration? Would he try to cut funding for those suits?

“So far, Vince Sheheen’s campaign has been long on rhetoric and short on answers about the positions he would take as governor,” SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd said. “While we don’t expect his made-for-television event today to be much different, it is time for Sheheen to start answering these questions. Voters will quickly see through his attempts to try and avoid tough questions. South Carolina is waiting: Where do you stand, Vince?”