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Floyd: bin Laden comment shows how out of touch Spratt is

Liberal Democratic Congressman John Spratt’s refusal to take a stand on his aide comparing his Republican opponent to Osama bin Laden shows just how out of touch Spratt has become with his district, said SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd today.

In a report in a Columbia publication this week, Spratt’s campaign spokesman said, “If Osama bin Laden ran in this district as a Republican, he would get 38 to 40 percent of the vote in any election year.” The article goes on to say that Spratt was “walking alongside” the staffer who made the comment,
and said nothing to disagree.

Now, the Spratt team can’t seem to get its story straight regarding the remarks. In one news report today, the aide stood by the remarks, and in another, he apologized! You can see the conflicting reports here:

Click here to read the apology.

Now, click here to read the non-apology.

It is hard to decide what is more troubling in this case – the fact that Spratt’s consultants cannot get their story straight about whether to apologize, or the fact that Spratt was standing right beside his aide when this was said, and did nothing to disagree.

Whether Mr. Spratt’s deputy was comparing his opponent to bin Laden or suggesting that voters in his district were so ill-informed that they would vote for a terrorist, it does not matter – no matter the context, the comment was reprehensible and deserves a personal rebuke from Mr. Spratt. His failure to do so will once again show how out of touch he has become with his district.


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman